What is the correct dosage of CBD?

CBD Dosage Chart: How Much CBD Should I Take? | Hempoid CBD

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who are looking to try CBD for the first time. The simplest answer is that everyone is different, and only you know how much CBD will work for you.

At present, our CBD oils range from 500mg to 1500mg and we’ve made them so each bottle lasts you 30 days if you were to take our recommended serving once daily. After trying the initial serving and seeing how it works for you, it’s up to you whether you’d like to increase your dosage or reduce it. We advise that daily consumption should not exceed 70mg, though many people may consume more than this amount – either way, no dosage will cause a ‘high’.

So, do what works best for you – for those new to CBD we recommend starting small and increasing or decreasing as you start to feel what’s most effective for an optimum impact! We’ll continue to gather feedback from our customers and keep up with research to provide guidance on using CBD.

Below is a copy of our recommended serving per product:

Recommended Serving Full spectrum 500mg – 6 drops / 15mg

Isolate 500mg – 6 drops / 15mg

Full Spectrum 1000mg – 6 drops / 30mg

Isolate 1000mg – 6 drops / 30mg

Full Spectrum 1500mg – 6 drops / 45mg

Isolate 1500mg – 6 drops / 45mg


It is recommended to not exceed 70mg of CBD a day, though some people may consume more.

How it can be consumed Leave drops underneath tongue for 30 seconds, put in a cup of tea or coffee, or use in food for cooking.
When to consume Though the timing of consumption depends on your routine, we recommended usage just after exercise, just before bed or in the morning before you start your day.
How long does the effect last? The effect should last between 4-6 hours but could be longer depending on the strength and quantity of oil that has been consumed.


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